Subject: A-66
Location: Khar'dûn

Abandoned in her early years to the mysterious marshlands of Zaigual, Ashlaire's journey is a tale of resilience and discovery. In her youth, an unsuspecting touch revealed her natural affinity for water-bound spells, as she inadvertently withered a zynthora tree, marking its untimely demise. Under the tutelage of seasoned adepts, she honed her abilities to command water spirits with near-flawless precision.

Ashlaire's talents blossomed rapidly, soon outstripping her mentors' teachings. Her prowess extended to summoning Belthagor, the mighty sentinel of the oceans, a feat that stirred both awe and disquiet among her peers and instructors, as they recognized her control over tempests and the vast sea.

Following a cataclysmic event, Ashlaire found herself compelled to embark on a new chapter aboard the vessel "Revelations." This journey opened the door to a myriad of adventures, and as she adapted to her travels and formed new alliances, she earned the moniker "Water Dragon," a testament to her unparalleled command of the water domains.

Her voyages led her across diverse worlds, where encounters with beings further shaped her understanding of her powers and her role in the cosmos. Each experience, rich in wisdom and mystery, weaved into the fabric of Ashlaire's evolving narrative, as she navigated her path through realms both known and uncharted.