Subject: Y-77
Location: Quor'xal

In Thulionar's shadowed alleys, Yumiko, orphaned at six, was thrust into a clandestine world of perilous trials. These ordeals, skirting the edges of known science, reshaped her, endowing her with a fierce spirit and mastery over minerals. She learned to morph matter into gemstones and animate crystals, her powers, a legacy of her suffering, emerged in unexpected bursts, astonishing even her captors versed in ancient alchemy.

As Thulionar descended into conflict, Yumiko, wrestling with her burgeoning abilities, became a pivotal figure. Her influence earned both awe and notoriety, shaping her into a formidable presence.

In search of purpose, Yumiko seized a chance to journey beyond, aboard "Revelations," a cosmic vessel. Amidst the stars and new companions, she found the belonging that her world denied. This voyage of self-discovery revealed Yumiko was not unobserved; unseen entities watched, hinting at the vast scope of her unfolding saga.